Montage One

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The reason it took so long was because at first, I was trying to export it as full HD, which was a huge file. I got impatient and just exported it as Standard Def for now, but it looks fine.

Click here to view Montage One on Youtube.

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RIP BiggieSmalls

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The greatest who ever did it.
May 21, 1972 – March 9, 1997


March 7th

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Shred for Shane. Go hit up the streets and have fun

Atlanta Homies

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Some photos from our ATL friends. Get ready for an ATL montage somewhat soon as well.

Photo by: John Hill

Photo by: John Hill

Photo by: Daniel Gomes

Photo by: John Hill

Luciano Ramallo

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Only the good die young. 1989 – 2008

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Some more photos from last weekend. Unfortunately, the bigspin footage was taped over. It was looking soo good too! Expect a montage filmed at the Mill’s skatepark soon. All photos taken by Austin Fenter.
half cab flip

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Here are some photos from the past 2 weekends. Taken by Austin Fenter and Matt Block

Photo by : Matt Block

Photo by : Austin Fenter

Photo by : Austin Fenter

Weekend Update : Dan Lundy

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On Saturday, February 7th, we went to West Palm. It was overall a good day. Here are some clips of Dan that were filmed this weekend; there are more, but they are being saved for the next Montage. Enjoy.

Dont forget to click here to see this video in full HD quality.

Sunday, February 1st

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Last Sunday. Superbowl Sunday. Super fun day in Boca. Nothing crazy went down, but it was a chill day. Here are some fun clips we got featuring Patrick Scanlon, James Neveils, and David Ferguson getting murked by anyone and everyone. Enjoy.

Please, click here to see this video in its full HD quality.


Weekend Update : James Neveils

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We had another productive weekend. Some usable clips went down. Here are a few throwaway clips from James Neveils. Strong resemblance of Dave Bachinsky, haha.

Filmed : Kyle [[Canon HV30 / 43mm Century Death]]

Featuring : James Neveils

Click here to see this video in full HD quality.



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